In the Fall of 2013, LINEglobal put together a consortium of teachers and administrators, from the New York City area, to attend the Edcamp conference and make site visits to various schools around Mumbai.  The goal was to foster relationships between teachers and classrooms that will lead to a deeper cultural understanding and exchanging of pedagogical ideas.  

Jen Donovan, founder of The Biodiversity Project, traveled to India with the group and gave a session about the project at the Edcamp conference.  During the conference, Ms. Donovan met Trupti Rawal from Sheth C.N. English Medium School, in Ahmadabad and a collaboration was born!  In the Spring of 2014 the Sheth C.N. English Medium School conducted their own scientific survey, created documentaries about their experiences and connected schools from around the U.S.  The collaboration has been such a success that they are going to be participating again in the Spring of 2015!

 LINEgobal has been instrumental in helping The Biodiversity Project connect to schools in India and these partnerships have deepened and enriched all of our student’s experiences.  We are looking forward to returning to India with LINEglobal and developing new partnerships and strengthening old ones! 

Please visit LINEglobal's website at and the 
C.N. Vidyavihar English Medium School's website at


The Biodiversity Project has been able to send teachers to Ecuador, buy classroom supplies and host a teacher symposium through the generous funding of the National Science Foundation.  Collaborative Research:  Caterpillars and Parasitoids in the Eastern Andes of Ecuador research grant. (NSF grant # 0717458). 


The University Wyoming has provided generous support of The Biodiversity Project by providing facilities in the Berry Biodiversity Center ( to hold the Teacher’s Workshop.  Dr. Scott Shaw, a University of Wyoming faculty member, has given enthusiastic support and encouragement to The Biodiversity Project.  He serves as an advisor and expert scientist.


The Trinity School has provided generous support and encouragement of The Biodiversity Project by allowing student participation, providing teacher support and release time to work on developing the project.